How to make extra money on eBay


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As many of you know, I used to be an active member on eBay.  Since I earned my degree and began teaching, that has fallen to the wayside somewhat.  I have recently gotten back into listing to help my husband make some money while he has been recovering from surgery.  My main goal was to clean out some of the clutter that has built up while I was going to school and working 2 jobs.  At any rate, this is a great way to make a few extra bucks so I thought I would share my store with those of you who may be interested.


In the coming weeks, I will be sharing ways that you can use the items that you no longer want to put a few extra dollars in your pocket.  Start funding your vacation, retirement, or children’s college fund.

Being Frugal Doesn’t Mean You are Broke or Cheap!


Quite a few fantastic ideas in this article. Hope you enjoy.

Originally posted on Gracefully Frugal:

Being frugal as a lifestyle choice can provide you with peace of mind regarding finances, your future and your families’ future. Being frugal can increase your financial worth with very little effort. Being frugal simply means being thrifty and economy minded in spending money or utilizing any type of resource – not just financial ones. Frugality is not just for those who really need to stretch their dollars – it can be for everyone. As a nation we have limited resources, and we are all guilty of using those resources irresponsibly. Adopting frugality can benefit you, your family and our nation in so many wonderful ways!
With the on-going financial crisis, more people are looking for various methods to help stretch their dollars further. With high unemployment, tight credit and other poor economic issues, you may be wondering who is right these days to advise you in changing your spending…

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Back in the Saddle again


Been a bit crazy around here and I have gotten really out of touch with my blogging community.  However, I am back!!!  Scary though, huh?  Anyway, thanks to the glories of Summer break (yet another reason why I became a teacher), I have something I have been searching for, free time.  I am also back to listing on eBay.  Attempting to clear out the junk that has been accumulating around my house while making a few pennies.

Hubby has been out of work having not one, but two cataracts removed.  Guess you can imagine what a whine fest that has been. SO he and I are both home.  Somehow we are both still alive.  For now.

We are all grateful for our cheap ways at a time like this when the money stream has dropped to a veritable trickle.  The funny thing is that our life has barely changed.  I was thinking about this the other day when we were out shopping, at the Goodwill.  Anyway just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten you and I will be seeing much more of you in the months to come.



Beware – New way for stalkers to find you or your children


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 Geo Tagging 2

This tech crazy world does have its benefits.  I love my laptop, Facebook, and Kindle.  To be honest, I am not overly savvy on cell phones just because I hate to talk on the phone but I certainly understand the handiness of it all.  I am a person who has tons of pictures posted on Facebook.  However, as a parent, I am extremely disturbed about the trend of geotagging on iphone and android phones.

We all do it.  We take a picture with our phone and upload it straight to Facebook.  But, did you know that cell phone pictures have built in geo tagging, you know the same technology that is in your GPS?  Well, unless you disable it, your phone automatically tracks the location of your pictures.

Who cares, right?  Well, we all should because stalkers and pedophiles can use this information to find out exactly where the picture was taken.  They can track it straight to your home, your child’s school, the local park, and many more places I haven’t even thought about yet.

Geo Tagging

There are several very helpful articles about how to disable geo tagging on your phone.  I urge you to research this and decide if you want your pictures geo tagged.  I’m not telling you which way to go, I just think we should be informed about the information we are sending out into cyberspace.

Creepy App

I Can Stalk U

Tracking Via Your Cell Phone

Take the time to educate yourselves, especially if you are a parent.

What do you think of the ability of others to track your location?  Have you ever considered the negative ramifications of the technology?  Post your comments below.

How to Teach a Child to Tie Their Own Shoes the Easy Way


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As many of you know, I am a Pre-K teacher.  One skill that can be frustrating for children to learn is how to tie their own shoes.  I recently ran across a site that had used a technique I had never heard of before and it is unbelievable.  Who knew it could be so simple?

If you are interested, check out the site here. The point of view video at the bottom is the best!


Bored Out of My Mind and Feeling Old


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For all those those who think that teachers have it made because they have the summers off, let me tell you that I am SO ready for school to start.  Yes, it is a lot of work and there are many days when I am ready to pull my hair out because I feel so ineffective.  But the lack of a definite schedule is driving me bonkers.

For example, as I type I am sitting at the skating rink in a corner booth with my laptop.  As always, I found a deal.  It is $2.00 Tuesday so my little one and her friend are having a blast out on the rink.  I brought my laptop and teacher bag with the intention of getting a jump on some lesson plans.  Instead, I am sitting here wishing I was anywhere else.  Let’s just be honest, a skating rink full of preteens is not a fun place to be unless you are a preteen.

In addition to being insanely bored, I am also feeling unbelievably old since today is my oldest daughter’s 19th birthday.  She came up and spent the night with us and now she is gone back home and back to her normal life.  Where did those years go?  When did I become my mother?  I don’t feel that old but the person looking back at me from the mirror each morning tells a different story.

HUD Good Neighbor Program Home Foreclosure Deal


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If you are a frugal person you probably already know that buying a foreclosure property can be a great money saving plan.  But did you know that if you are a firefighter, teacher, EMT, or police officer, that you can save even more.  A lot more.  50% more!

HUD has a program called HUD”s Good Neighbor Next Door.  This program offers certain properties at a 50% discount when purchased by people in those professions.

You can find out more about this program and which properties are available by going to HUD’s website: here.  There are properties available nationwide and they are added almost daily to the site.  If you or someone you know is in one of these professions, you may find an awesome bargain on a home.

good neighborI would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this program.  Did you find a home using this program?  Was it a positive experience.  Please add your stories in the comment section.

CVS Deals 7/14-7/20


CVS is by far my favorite store for new couponers. Their coupon policy is easy to understand and ECB’s make for some serious deals.

Originally posted on Hip2Save:

If you are a newbie to CVS shopping, head on over here to check out the CVS Store Guide! And if you are new to all this coupon mumbo jumbo (huh?!), then check out our Coupon Newbie section.

Before starting your shopping trip this week, be sure to scan your CVS card at the Magic Coupon Machine this week to see what CVS store coupons print for out that you can also combine with manufacturer’s coupons for some great deals! It appears that select regions may be receiving a $3 off $15 purchase coupon, which will sweeten the deals below! (Thanks, Frugal for You!)

Want to create your own custom printable shopping list?!
Simply click on the printer icon to the right of the post title and then follow the instructions to easily remove portions of the weekly deals that do not interest you. Then print and take…

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7/14 Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview


Remember to keep up with when coupons are released. No reason to buy a paper with no coupons in it.

Originally posted on Hip2Save:

So, once again, it’s Saturday and time for another Sunday coupon insert preview! Below you will find a long list of coupons that reader, Carol, will be receiving in her Washington Post newspaper tomorrow, 7/14/2013. I would suggest checking the list below and also heading on over to Sunday Coupon Preview to get an idea of what coupons you may receive. Please keep in mind that NOT all areas will get the same coupons or coupon values.

There will be two coupon inserts in the 7/14/2013 Sunday newspaper. You should receive one SmartSource coupon insert and one Red Plum coupon insert. Also, make sure to check your Parade Magazine or USA Today (depending on where you live) for possible coupons as well. In fact, you may spot a $2/1 Kerasal product coupon in your Parade magazine this week!

Need a great deal on a Sunday Newspaper subscription so…

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The Many Negatives of a Bad Credit Score


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credit scoreI must admit that I am a faithful follower of Dave Ramsey and fully believe in his teachings of not being in debt.  My husband and I have lived all of our married life this way.  We purchased our home foreclosed and with a loan from a family member, which we paid back with interest.  We have never financed a vehicle and have never purchased a new vehicle.  We are just people who choose to pay in cash and we don’t buy stuff that we can’t pay for outright.

As Dave Ramsey teaches, our credit score is a big fat zero.  Yes, I said 0, as in non-existent.  This has never bothered us because we don’t borrow money but recently we have had several instances in which our non-existent credit score has negatively affected our lives.


For starters, we now have a daughter that is 19 and as any parent would like to do, we would like to help her in her next stage of life.  She is currently renting a basement apartment and paying 400 per month.  With all of the foreclosures in the housing market, hubby and I decided that we could help her by buying a low cost foreclosure and allowing her to pay us back.  We felt that we could allow her to pay us a lower amount and help her get a better start in life.  She is working full time while going to college and is a very responsible young lady.  Anyway, we spent some time looking at HUD foreclosures on the HUD website here and found several places that we felt would work.  We assumed that we could borrow money against our home and have no problem.  WRONG!  When we called the realtor we were told that they wouldn’t even talk to us without being able to pull our credit history.  And or course, we don’t have one so she basically laughed at us.  Her answer was to go get a credit card to build our credit score so that we could build our score.

I also recently went to add insurance on a newly purchased used truck and found out that our insurance company now uses credit scores to determine insurance rates.  Guess what?  Ours went up because or our low score.

So I decided to do some research and found out that there are many negative impacts from a low credit score.  Many of which I did not know.  Did you?

  • Prospective employers can access your credit history to determine whether or not to offer you a job
  • Landlords can use your credit score to determine whether or not to rent to you or to determine how much of a deposit you must pay
  • Auto insurance rates may be higher
  • Home insurance rates may be higher
  • Deposits for utilities may be higher
  • It may be impossible for you to get a mortgage
  • It may be impossible for you to start a small business

credit card

With all of this taken into consideration, my husband and I have had a conversation I never expected to have.  We are considering getting a credit card!  GASP!  I know but we have to start somewhere so if you have other ideas, please help me out.  List them in the comments.  We are open to advice.

How to check the page rank of your blog on Google


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googleSince my last post was about blogging, I decided to write another post for all you bloggers out there.  If you are a blogger, whether you are doing it for fun or for profit, we all want to do the same thing.  Get our blogs higher in the Google search.

There is a huge complicated algorithm that explains how Google decides which page your blog ends up when someone searches in the Google search. Trust me, it’s way too complicated to even attempt to figure out.  Basically, the higher your page rank, the more people who look at your blog.

page rank 2

We have all heard of hyperlinks.  Just think of a hyperlink as a vote for your page.  The more hyperlinks you have on other sites, the higher your page rank.  There are many ways to improve your ranking but I am not going to get into all that in this particular post.  For this post, we are just wanting to find out your blogs ranking.  There is a very simple way to do this.

Go to the website:  and put in the web address of your blog.  This site cuts through all the algorithms and give you an easy to understand number between 1 and 10.  The higher the number, the better your ranking.

It is very important to know your ranking to know where you stand in the crowd.  We all know that the World Wide Web is a large crowd that is growing by the moment.  Once you know where you stand, you can take steps to improve your ranking.  More on that at a later date.



Blog or Site or Product Promotion and Marketing


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PromotionIt is amazing to me how often people send me messages wanting me to promote their blog, website, product, etc.  This is an unexpected by-product of writing this blog.  I began this blog simply to help others in their quest to save money and give myself an outlet for the many random thoughts that course through my mind every day.

I understand that having others promote your whatever is good for business so I get why people email and ask.  What I don’t get is why they ask me.  I mean, c’mon folks, this blog is hardly at the top rank in Google.

Let me be clear here, I know that there are many other blog writers who get free items from companies simply for them to review on their blog and I am not against doing that.  But, one thing these folks should understand before they ask me for a review is that I will be honest.  I am that way even in my real life.  Many people, especially my family members, have told me that I am too honest.  I tend to hurt people’s feelings.  But I figure if people didn’t want to know the truth then they wouldn’t ask me what I think.

So, I suppose this post could be taken as a warning post for anyone wanting me to review their product or support their site.  Don’t ask unless you want brutal honesty.  If you send me a free product in return for a review on this blog, make certain that your product works the way it is advertised.  If I think it is great, I will be glad to write a glowing review but, and this is a big BUT, if it sucks, I will write that as well.

And for you faithful readers, you can rest assured that if you see me supporting another blog, website, or product that I am doing so because I truly believe in it.  The sites that I link to here are the sites that I truly read and support.

If you are a blogger, I would love to hear your experiences with reviews.  Feel free to add your comments and share your experiences, both good and bad.

Expect the Unexpected and prepare for it finacially


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My missing in action has gone on for longer than planned.  Yes, I finally got my first year of teaching under my belt and was excited for a Summer off where I could devote more time to my blog and get reacquainted with my readers.  Those plans, however where changed for me or by me depending on your point of view.  It was my own fault but it certainly was not planned.

memorial day

My family and I went to visit my on-laws, as we do every Memorial Day.  We all get together at their lake house for the weekend and have a great time.  Anyway we were down on the dock having a grand old time and I was helping lower the sea-doo into water using a wench.  The wench got away from me and started spinning, of course my natural reaction was to stick my hand in it to get it to stop.  Well…….it did not stop!  I came away from that weekend with 2 fractures in my hand and a cast from my fingers to nearly my elbow.  Not a great way to start my Summer break.


I finally got my cast taken off and now I am just in a brace.  I have use of my first two fingers on my right hand somewhat.  I am back typing slowly.

No worries, you will be hearing more from me in the following weeks.


How to Naturally Remove Hair Dye With Vitamin C


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Most of us ladies have done it.  Made an impulsive decision in the hair color aisle or gotten a big surprise at the salon.  I recently made a foray into the bad hair hall of shame.  Got a wild hair and decided that I wanted my naturally blonde dirty blonde hair that has been bleached numerous times to be brown with a hint of red.  I found the perfect color(on the box) and proceeded to apply as directed.  I ended up with a bright fire engine red similar to this:

10th Annual BMI Urban Awards - Arrivals

I hated it!  Then it started to fade on the ends and I hated it more.  So, I went to the beauty supply store for some help.  The lady introduced me to a product called Color Oops.  I bought it and came home but had second thoughts.  I really didn’t like the thought of putting more chemicals on my head.

So I jumped on Google and found that lots of people use Vitamin C to remove unwanted hair color.  I figured I didn’t have a lot to lose since Vitamin C is cheap.  Ran to the Dollar General and picked up a bottle.  This is the “recipe” I used.

  • 30 – 500 mg Vitamin C tablets (not chewable)
  • Equal parts of cheap clarifying shampoo

I put the Vitamin C in a ziplock and crushed it into a fine powder and mixed it up in a bowl with Suave Clarifying Shampoo.  Put the whole mixture on my head and covered with a shower cap.  I left it on for 30 minutes.  OMG  what a difference.  The ends are totally back blonde and the section closer to my head that still has red is about 4-5 shades lighter.  I plan to do this again tomorrow.  I am so thrilled.  Even if I can’t get it totally out, I am to a place where I can dye it a much lighter shade that would have been possible before.

All in all I would say this is a success and my hair feels great.  No breakage or dryness.  I will deep condition just to make sure but it worked fabulously so far.

New Year Spring Cleaning


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I know it’s not Spring Cleaning time yet but let’s be honest, lots of us made resolutions to keep our home cleaner and more organized.  I have been scouring the web trying to find ideas that will get me motivated to get my butt in gear.  I have decided to share some of my best finds for you.  I am hoping this will save you time and allow you to put the energy into getting your home where you want it to be.

If you are technologically savvy, there is a fantastic app called Motivated Moms.  It does cost $7.99 but there is a free version called Motivated Moms Lite to let you try it out and make sure it will work for you before you spend the money.

Do you have ideas to share?  Please comment below.


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