Have you made a budget?

If you are think about setting up a budget, my blogging friend has a great series you should check into.

CBB Budget Series

This is a great place to start getting your thoughts together.

Take the guesswork out.  The steps are laid out and very easy to follow.

Don’t procrastinate anymore.  Get it done and start the saving.

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4 Responses to Have you made a budget?

  1. Thanks for sharing my Budgeting Series. I hope your fans get an opportunity to stop in at the blog and give it a read. While you are there you can see how well our budgeting series is working for Mrs.CBB and I by reading our monthly Budget Updates, and Net Worth Updates. That is proof that if you can balance a budget and stick to it you can make magic happen! Cheers Mr.CBB ..sharing!


  2. thriftylivin says:

    You know I love your site, Mr. CBB. I am learning so much from you. I am sure others will as well.


  3. Cheers mate, glad to have you back!


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