How to use your TRS discount for faster shipping for your customer

Use eBay’s Facebook Page to Promote YOUR items

Thought I would share with you all a fantastic tutorial on an interesting way to promote your eBay items through eBay’s own Facebook page.

First Thrift Store Haul Video for eBay & Amazon 7/7/16

At long last, here is my very first haul video.  Just a small sample of items that I found thrifting that will bring in a few dollars on eBay.  If you are trying to figure out how to make an income selling online, be sure to like and subscribe.  More videos will follow.  I am working on a sales video to show you exactly what I sold this month and how much profit is out there to be made.  Until next time, keep picking, keep thrifting, and most important keep listing.

Small Haul for Amazon FBA

This weekend we went out to do a bit of thrifting for eBay and Amazon.  I sell on Amazon primarily in FBA, which means Fulfilled by Amazon.  I will be making a series of posts about the process later but for this post I am just showing the items that I found that I will be sending in to Amazon FBA.

We went to several thrift stores and didn’t really find much except these 2 books.


Each of these books are the same.  They were priced at 0.99 cents but the lady let me have them both for 99 cents.  So I have 50 cents each invested in them.  Here is the Amazon Seller screenshot showing the profit on each book.


Yes, that does say $22.61 profit after fees.  Subtract the 50 cents investment and I will make $22.11 per book.  Certainly worth the few minutes they took me to scan.

Next, I went to one of my favorite liquidation stores.  Here I spent a little time scanning and not finding much.  I did end up with some puzzles.  I purchased 4 of the same puzzle.


 They were priced at $5.00 but this store has a sliding scale that decreases the price the longer an item stays on the shelf.  These  puzzles were priced at $5.00 but since they had been there since 12/1/14, I got them for 80% off, so I paid $1.00 for each puzzle.


These sell for ……


$8.17 ofter fees.  So I make $7.17 per puzzle or $28.68.

My last purchase was nothing big but since I was in the puzzle section anyway, I figured why not.



Puchased for $4.00.  Selling price is……


$8.98 after fees.  For a total of $4.98 profit.

So for this little shopping trip, I should profit $78.88.  Not too shabby.  Would like to have some better finds but those are just around the corner with yard sale season coming up.

What were your finds today?